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Gear choices and maps and on it ‘getting real’

Halfmile’s PCT maps have been updated for the 2014 season, so I have been downloading those and starting to get them printed out in the various sections I will be mailing to myself. I was considering if I should get them laminated but I think that is overkill and will add a lot of weight. Which reminds me.

Gear choices; I will be doing a full blog post about all the gear I will be taking but there has been some discussion about the drought we have been having on the West Coast for a while now and the fact that the fire danger this year is shaping up to be fairly serious. I now have to reconsider my stove situation. I had chosen a manufactured alcohol stove with a stand and pot/pan thing. It is light, and the stove has a lid so you can easily shut it off. However I am now looking at doing a Jetboil and will be picking up one of the titanium Sol versions, they are expensive but the regular version is about half a pound heavier so an extra $40 for half a pound savings on weight is not bad considering I will be carrying it for five months.

I finally also chose a sleeping bag and decided not to skimp and went with a zpacks 20-degree bag which has excellent reviews and also allows me to shave off some weight for less expensive options I had been looking at. That rounds out my big-three, and is perfect with my ULA Circuit pack and my Tarptent Notch tent.

I made a rather large order from my final amazon wish-list that I have been working on for months over the weekend for many more items which I will cover in my pre-hike full gear checklist. I have been picking up various things item by item over the last nine months or so as well. I would like to say that the amount of preparation for this trip is kind of insane, like take some simple item you will need on the trail, a ‘trowel’. Nobody ever talks about trowels (it is a little shovel to dig catholes so you can go to the bathroom and cover it up). Do you go with a titanium folding one, or try one of the new hard-nylon ones that collapse much smaller, which is better when the weight is the same and can you trust the reviews online for the products? This is all stuff you have to think about for every single item. It also helps to read previous hikers gear lists and what they brought and then (this is the most important) their follow-up gear reviews, I get really interested in what they thought they needed and eventually tossed, or what they bought along the way. For instance, I was dead-set on a quilt and saw that some people were using them on the trail, then I read follow ups on the trail gear and decided that perhaps I should rethink it and go with a bag.

I was hoping to be able to order permits when I wrote the previous blog post but it seems that you cannot get them until February (couple days now).

This is getting real. Like, real real. Butterflies kind of heavy real. This is no longer just me sitting around looking at gear and dreaming and trying to plan logistics of this because that is something I like to do, this is happening. I talked to my building maintenance guy this morning about putting in my notice to vacate.

It is now official, I am going, 2014 PCT thru-hike Northbound

I am ordering my permits today. That really finalizes it for me, three months out and change I will be on the trail. My start date is April 24th, one day walk-in to ADZPCT2014 see what is to see there, then start.

I talked to work and they are willing to work with me and I should have a job for me waiting when I get back.

I will be leaving work and moving from my apartment around the 15th of April packing up and then driving my belongings to storage in Oregon (I don’t own much) then back down to San Diego, drop off the rental and bus to the start to be on-trail on the 24th. In that small amount of time I need to put together the boxes I am mailing for the California section (most of it) and get my mom set up to mail them as needed.

As for gear, I have most of my gear already (I will do a post about PCT gear here) but I still need a sleeping bag, there are some sales going on now, and I have time to post about my choices.

I am still trying to decide what to do for water purification and backup purification (steripen, filter or chemical).

It is all coming together. This is the year.