Visual tour of my 2014 PCT gear.

So what does all this gear look like? I’ll show you.

Note that I have added a couple things and taken away a couple things from my previous list, but the grand total is roughly 13lbs base weight, then what is worn. Obviously not counting the required bear cannister and light crampons I will be carrying for ice crossing in the sierra. I will also be picking up a super-light fishing pole with those items as well. That will be about 4 or 5lbs added for that section. Luckily the bear can you can mail away after.

First lets look at clothes. I have put numbers in the images to correspond to the numbers below explaining what is what. Clothes are heavy so you need to make choices about fabrics and multi-usability. I.e. zip pants, down jacket that doubles as a pillow, etc. #5 and #6 are core pieces of clothing for the trip, the other choices were worked around these two pieces specifically to save weight.

new phone 274

NOTE: This list includes items I will be wearing (not showing Cascadia 8’s and Sun hat)

  1. Marmot rain/wind shell
  2. Long sleeve REI adventure shirt (wearing)
  3. Columbia short/pant zip-offs (will be wearing this or shorts)
  4. Mountain hardware ghost whisperer down jacket. (very light and compacts to nothing)
  5. Smartwool long-john top (night etc.)
  6. Smartwool long-john bottom
  7. Not-cotton quick-dry shirts, three in image, I will only be bringing two, the black one is already gone. (usually will be wearing one)
  8. Running shorts. (wearing this or pants)
  9. ultralight gloves
  10. underwear, 1x Underarmor Heat (anti-chafe) and 2x ex-officio boxer (will be wearing one)
  11. 1x sock liner (worn)
  12. 4x socks (1x worn)

Now for what is in the bag.

random 021

  1. ULA Circuit pack, has one ‘Hoser’ bladder inside and one visible leaning on it.
  2. Tarptent notch
  3. Z-Lite Sol sleeping pad, I may take off a section or two after I try it out.
  4. Z-Packs 20 degree waterproof down sleeping pad (old bag stand-in, zpacks is shipping now, they come with cuben fiber stuff sack so much lighter than this one)
  5. Black diamond trekking poles (note extra shoe laces there)
  6. Ultralight hiking Medical kit, has everything I should need for my feet and any cuts and scrapes and blisters I may get.
  7. Jetboil sol ti cooking system with cannister inside, tested this in my apartment, this thing is boss.
  8. Polycro ground cover.
  9. ultralight (Eagle creek climbing) ‘clothes bag’ see above for clothes
  10. socks bag, see clothes section above
  11. Sanitary wipes to keep the funk down, multi-use
  12. Sea to summit eVent waterproof compression sack for clothes bags (I have another I may use for electronics and such,, will see).
  13. waterproof document pouch for maps and such
  14. Hanky, useful when dealing with sweat and can be sacrificed to start a fire if need be.
  15. Buff, these things have a lot of uses (literally the only thing I learned by watching that show Survivor).
  16. Suntactics solar charger, tested this and it is good for my gear.
  17. ultra-light leatherman with knife and pliers, I really want to do some fishing in the Sierra and will be mailing a telescoping rod to Kennedy Meadows for that, so this is a must carry for sniping wire and working with hooks.
  18. Double-ended sharpie, for making signs and leaving notes for other hikers.
  19. Regular pen, for writing and making notes (my ‘Evernote’ Moleskine pad is pre-ordered and should arrive next month once they are available) I am an artist and do illustration so this is obvious.
  20. Sea to summit collapsible trowel. I don’t like digging with my hands and then going to the bathroom, it just seems … kind of gross.
  21. Whistle, this is a safety thing with many uses.
  22. Lighter, leftover from my smoking days.
  23. Headlamp, petzl with red light for night vision. (charges batteries with #35)
  24. Bug netting for my face.
  25. Silk sleeping bag liner, these are light and much easier to clean than a sleeping bag.
  26. Go-pro, I have made a priority of documenting this, and this is a very light camera/video camera which I have put an eye-fi into so it automatically transfers video and pics to my phone (#38) The gorillapod is the smallest possible and also have a base for a stik-pic (not shown)
  27. Fast-find ranger PLB, this is so people can find me if things go sideways
  28. Foodbag and foodbag cord, for hanging, cord also helping to keep my tent stable etc. String could work but this is very light tent cord so I can deal.
  29. Ankor 10,000, usb power supply. This is a charge-in-town thing for backup power for all my devices.
  30. Spoon or spork? I am leaning towards just spoon.
  31. Sansa Clip FM radio and mp3 player, extra 32GB memory card (?), earphones and extra-small usb charge cord.
  32. usb wall charger (this is the smallest I have found)
  33. Passport, travel wallet, permits, emergency numbers.
  34. toiletries, travel size toothbrush/toothpaste, sewing and tiny eyeglass repair kit.
  35. usb battery charger which in testing works great with the solar charger (#16) charges both AA and AAA batteries.
  36. Sawyer squeeze with attachment set for my water bladders
  37. usb charge Steripen, this is more of a backup
  38. Samsung Note 3 with the GEAR watch (gear charger not shown, but it is super-light) This is so I can keep my phone in my pack and the watch can take photos and do calls all Dick Tracy like.

Things not shown besides shoes and hat.

  • Food (this will be it’s own post)
  • Gallon zip-lock freezer bags, will need to carry a few of these.
  • Pack liner.

I am going to probably have a good time revisiting this post when I get back. I know that the trail is where plans go to die. And it should be fun to see what I end up liking/not liking and what I kept and sent home.

Here it is all packed up.


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