USPS issues and stress

(UPDATE: I was informed by the Pacific Crest Trail coordinator at the border processing centre that they had received my priority mail today, it took over a month to get there.)

Last week I had to resend my Canada entry permit because the $20 mail I sent from the USPS here never arrived after weeks (It also has not been returned). So, on the suggestion of the nice people in the Canada permit processing centre I mailed it ‘regular’ 1st class for $1.15 which apparently they always seem to get. So now, thanks to the USPS I have copies of my passport *and* my drivers license floating around ‘somewhere’ in the mail system. Awesome.  I really don’t get it, I choose that method and paid to ‘ensure’ that the mail is delivered properly and promptly and it is the one method that seems to guarantee that it is not delivered.  I will be calling them up again here on Wednesday to see if they got this latest round. This should all be do-able via online forms, it is ridiculous to have to physically send things like these through the mail.

Fellow PCT thru-hikers: When you are doing this, the guy said that he has a one-day turn around on each one, so these should be quick. If you sent yours in and have not heard back after a few weeks you may want to consider calling them.

Related note, my zpacks bag has finally been shipped, apparently there was an issue getting a down shipment (really) and so that slowed things up by these many weeks now.

Preparing for this trip is giving me ulcers, I swear I wish everything was automated and I didn’t have to deal with people.

So, I needed a nice pick-me-up.

Because I am moving out I will be tossing a lot of my hoodies I have collected over the years here in Venice and decided I would replace the majority of them with one bomb-proof hoodie from American Giant. Supposed to be the best hoodie ever made.

We will see, with my luck the order will be lost by the USPS.

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