Getting to Campo via bus from El Cajon

28 days out

I just got off the phone with the SDMTS Rural bus information line. The lady said that I should not try to get on the bus via the multiple stops listed on the schedule on the site (It was not communicated 100% sure as to why) and that I should go to the transit center and catch the bus there. She also informed me to expressly not purchase a ticket from the machine but to pay $10 cash on the #894 bus to Campo.

Here is the official schedule.  And here is the google map version linked from the site. I was considering stay at the Travelodge there and then just catching the bus when it came by W. Douglas until I called them to verify. Additionally here is the PDF version of the route and timetable. I will provide an image version below for on a phone. RouteFiles routes pdf 888.pdf

Additionally here is the trolley map from SDMTS. Now I am thinking I might change up where I was planning to stay and swap some things around. Originally I had wanted to stay downtown but I think that is less of a concern for me than making 100% sure I am on that 8:30am bus so I am looking into options for around there so I am thinking one of these.


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