I get asked this a lot and even typed up a long post here explaining that I have a great life and love where I am, a job and skillset some people would kill for. I have everything I could ask for. Being happy is one thing but I want to be ‘more’ if that makes any sense. It isn’t greed for ‘more’ it is more like wanting more air, I need to breathe. The post was actually really good but I deleted it because I didn’t feel like it was along the tone I want this story — the story of my PCT trip and beyond — to carry.

I don’t want to be looking back, not at the start of moving forward.

While researching on a possible trip down the Mississippi river on a stand up paddleboard (need to spend my time before I am hiking somehow) I ran across this dude and he didn’t answer the ‘why’ question directly but did so indirectly.  Check him out and listen to what he is saying.

One thought on “Why.

  1. tessandteal2014

    I agree entirely; I am giving up a great job and great life in lieu of the unknown, Tess and I have dogs which are now at a buddy’s ranch (and we miss dearly). But we both just need to breathe….

    Good luck out there

    Teal and Tess



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