So … I am going to have a disco ball on my hike

Yes, a disco ball.

Not a big one obviously, but a little one for my tent, it was given as a parting gift from friends at my going away, along with various other small sized Tabasco products and all the fire starting essentials one could ever need, a knife, some hot and sour soup, a light, a Venice button, a little squirt gun (for bears of course) etc.

Yes, I do realize that this means my trail name is going to be ‘Disco’, oh well, it has to come as a memento of what I left.

I managed to pack out the whole bar for my going away and it was awesome to see everyone. I took a few more shots than I meant to take but I had Saturday to do my much needed recovery. And it was  a recovery day, I have not hurt that much after a night out in a long time. But it was worth it, a day of pain, to say goodbye to everyone and I am very thankful of my friends here, Venice has treated me so well I don’t even know where to begin saying my thanks.

Today is it, I am getting coffee and then I need to go pick up the rental and start heading North for setting up resupply and visit with Family for a couple days before I go.

On some level with this you think “What have I done?!?!” and you recoil. It is a feeling before a move, the feeling in your gut on the last day of high school, the last day of a great job, the feeling of standing in an empty apartment you lived in for years, now devoid of you. It is the feeling of a changing life, of crossing a bridge with no way back and not know what is on the other side. It is called butterflies in the stomach, queasiness, anxiety and fear.

Bravery is continuing on in sprite of fear, not the absence of fear. On that measure I am either brave or reckless, I am not sure which, but I am at least on a path.

Well, me and my little disco ball.

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