Tomorrow it is

It is hard to go on living without some hope of encountering the extraordinary.

Harold Bloom

Tomorrow I start my drive south to the border. All the work, the planning, the job-quitting, the apartment-vacating/moving, the stress and research, the car rentals and motels and saving money that could have been used in a myriad of ways. All these things have boiled down to one thing, and I start the final move in that direction at around noon tomorrow. I am thankful for this last week here in Oregon to figure out all that I need to do. I really needed to get here, finish up my resupply and then have nothing to do. I needed the quiet, the passive few days to rest for a minute. The quiet before the storm … so to speak.

Here is what my California hybrid-resupply looks like. The bucket is my bounce bucket and the first time I will see it is at Kennedy Meadows.. The box below it is my bear vault and food for ten days. It also has a few other things and the bucket has some gear swaps I need to make. The others are for other places like old station and VVR where I need to mail packages.


Here is my pack, fully loaded with food. It feels heavy even though I know that I have made every effort to lighten it up.


Nothing left to do but make my way to the border and start, one more sleep.

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