Quick update

Just a quick update, mostly for my sister Julie, I made it to San Diego, and then after running around I hopped on the trolly to El Cajon after running around in downtown for a while (I lived here when I was in the Navy so have some places I wanted to see). Next stop I noticed some hikers on the trolly and started to chat them up and then it turns out that Billy Goat is on trolly and we all talk all the way to the transit station.  My sister mentioned in a comment here that she had hung out with him up in Stehekin and he remembered her.


Tomorrow morning bright and early I will be on the trail, nice to already bump into some hikers.

2 thoughts on “Quick update

  1. Julie Lindsey

    Joel, I’m finally checking back in on you and can’t believe you’ve already begun your journey. So glad you got to meet Billy Goat, isn’t that funny what a small world it is, Great picture of you with him! Well, now that you’re on the trail and have begun your big adventure, I’ll be cheering you on, and checking back regularly. I’ll look forward to your updates and pictures. Love the pictures of you, you have a beard! Easier for the trail I’m sure. Have fun wish I was there too. I’m going to catch up on your other posts.
    Love you, Julie



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