Day 3 – ADZPCTKO zero day

April 26th
Miles 0

2am, my tent is down and rain is pouring in. My tent stakes have came up because the campground has turned to mud. I climb out of my tent putting my shoes on which have gotten wet in my tent vestibule. I run around my tent trying to find purchase for the round stakes that came with it. These stakes seriously cannot handle anything other than perfect dirt, I stomp them into the earth and climb back in, just hoping that they will stick.
This happens a total of four times through the night. I had been excited that I had a new 10.5oz air mattress and planned on lots of needed sleep.
Now with three full sleepless nights I am what can only be described as painfully tired. I make coffee and go to some of the events, I pick up a larger groundsheet and I buy the best tent stakes I can find. Also, the last of those in the vendors area, theround blue stakes I had I keep two for extras, but toss the others.


I run down to the little store and uplosd the last two entries and I text with my mom.
Back at kickoff we do the class picture, I don’t have one yet but i am on the rock jolding the “2014” sign and am holding above the 4, Bigfoot is holding the other end, he is about a month ahead of me on trail.
Then we have burgers and I scarf one down and run over to the showers, this was an experience in the pain of being cold.
After I am tired and just want a beer, so I go get one and then Bob, who was at kickoff with his family over to the 2013 class movie after I stop at a campfire to get warm and there is a drunk trail mom there, a hiker groupie ( yes thru hikers have groupies who show at hiker events and just want to talk about hear and hiking) and some random girl from Sweden there. We end up talking about snakes and I keep calling the diamond back rattlesnake a rattleback diamond snake. I get a trail name. Rattleback.

Then I sleep. Finally, I sleep.

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