Day 5 – Through the burn

April 28th
Miles 16ish 37.1 to 52.7 plus side trips.

Had a rough night of sleep, I was cold.  I got up early as I could, I think my issues are with being cold, I had, in a fit of thoughtlessness and obsession with low weight of my pack, added my top base layer to my Kennedy Meadows box.
At this point I am rethinking a lot of my initial choices of gear.
I got up and talked with my tent neighbors, British dudes, literally drinking tea, and made some coffee and packed up. My friend Free Refills showed up and we hiked into Mt Laguna, the diner was not open yet so we went to the outfitters there which is perhaps the single best outfitters I have ever seen. I tossed my heavy rain jacket into the hiker box where it was scooped up and then tossed my crap not warm hat in the bin as well and walked in. I purchased a Mont Bell jacket, a seriously warm hat and an icebreaker longsleeve undershirt so I can finally be warm and sleep good. It feels, sleep – wise, like boot camp did. I am somewhat groggy all the time and don’t know if I am eating right or what.




Leaving Mt Laguna we walked through burns, many many miles of burned forest. Walked ridges overlooking desert valleys that could double as pictures of Mars. It makes you pretty mad thinking about it. It is right around the 50 mile point.



We stopped at several places to get water, we only carry as much water as we need plus one liter to get to the next water source. I toss little electrolyte tabs into my water and they fizz into a grapefruit drink. I like it.
Now we are in a “picnic” area and I can count about thirty tents, lots of us here.
I just had dinner and while I was eating was interviewed for a documentary, the question “what do you hope to get from this?” My scattered answer shows my lack of thought of that simple question. I don’t know I think, isn’t that the point, to find out. Of course I don’t say that.
Sitting here chatting, the topic is, as always, water and where the next source is, what “not potable” “really” means etc.

It is time for sleep. I am tired as hell.

A 11 pm the wind started, and blew almost every tent down.

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