Day 6 – wind and my longest day yet

April 29th
Miles 52.7 to mile 74

Getting up today, nobody slept, the wind was wild all night and knocked down many tents, some guys moved their tents.
Then to just get out of the wind we all start walking, it is a long series of mid – slope walls on steep slopes that you would tumble down. All with crazy wind blasting through the entire time.


Finally we get a descent and I was feeling vigor and decided to do a running decent, which is where you gravity walk your poles and get going good. This was fun but I felt a twang I need my left knee so stopped when I got to the bottom. Then I realized my solar charger had fallen off my pack so I waited and another hiker brought it down. Hiker honesty and helpfulness really had to be experienced to believe.
We finally make it to the cistern, possibly the last water for 32 miles and load up.


Free Refill says to catch up to him later and takes off, normally I am the fast one of the bunch so I say sure. He is packing 9 liters.
I am packing about 7 liters and take off shortly, then I notice the twang in my knee, again and again. It starts to hurt. “Oh no” I think. I need to stop, but my friends are waiting and the campsites are all on ridges (wind)  so I finally stop at one. I hope it does not get too blown out.


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