Day 7 – ridge climbs, tired

April 30th
Miles 74 to 94.5

Woke this morning on a windy ridge. I finally figured out a feature of my tent to deal with the wind. The vestibules open and then it won’t flap and try to rip out the stakes. Good to know, but would have been worthless in the rainstorm on Friday at kickoff.

I am tired. Like, I am tired in weird ways. My feet are tired, my shoulders are tired and I myself, me. I am tired. like so tired you feel it deep. I knew this going in, but it still is a thing to deal with. I am not sleeping well, mostly because there has been freak wind all the time and I was cold, then too warm. I am sunburned, my knuckles are sunburned even. I wrap handkerchiefs around my hands to protect them.

This is my life now, I am okay with it 🙂

After doing large miles yesterday, I am already at about 17 something here at the third gate water cache where I got to around 2pm. All the hikers are hiding in bushes from the sun and tying to sleep, or like the guys next to me they are talking up themselves/to themselves about how they will need to take ten zeros before Kennedy Meadows at their current rate (my rate, mind you) apparently unaware that this is a low snow year and there are hikers a month ahead of us.

Talked with a self proclaimed trail medic today who told me and this girl named Solstice that we were way ahead of the hiker herd. I was a little shocked, I had assumed that I was somewhere in the middle. But,  now that I think about it I am seeing mainly the same people all the time and we are busting out miles trying to reach the desired 20. I also noticed I am thinking of miles in terms of time now. One mile is 20 minutes. Also, I am very strong going uphill.

I have my little solar power unit charging my USB battery, sitting in the dirt typing with sunburned fingers, thinking the wind sometimes sounds like traffic, or the sea.
I shared some green tea with Refills and now we wait and see if we can hike. I would be more comfortable sleeping here and getting up early and busting out the 15 to Warner Springs early. I want my resupply package. Badly.

Watching F15’s doing maneuvers today I was thinking “I would not know if there was another 9/11 now, but I don’t care, my resupply has snickers bars”. It is too early for hiker hunger to set in, but I am getting the start of it. I am craving sugar and I am craving fruits, and beer.

My feet are doing ‘okay’ I have no blisters, that is good, but older calluses have kind of been shed as new ones below are formed. I had bought some underarmour underwear to avoid chafe in the desert, of course it is the one thing to give me chafe, on my dangling bits no less, I had an issue with my calf which someone mentioned I should eat a banana because it is probably just cramps,  that actually worked, go-go potassium.  But why is there no potassium in my men’s sport vitamin I am taking every day?

After writing thus we hiked up another 3 miles putting me over 20 for the first time. It is the pace I need to maintain. Going forward.

Cowboy camping (no tent, just on the ground) on a peak tonight,  nothing but stars above me, as I write this hummingbirds are coming by to look at the screen before going to their homes. Everything seems so far away now. This is a new life.

Fell asleep thinking of the dusk hummingbirds.

Note: I have some serious issues with connection and limited roaming data, once I get into 4G range,  somewhere,  I will modify my plan to add a bunch of gigs of roaming so I can upload these easier.

4 thoughts on “Day 7 – ridge climbs, tired

  1. jennihikes

    Go Rattleback! Sounds like your knee hasn’t worsened……reading the bit about the hummingbirds just now gave me such a craving for the next year to pass quickly so I can be out on the trail – we don’t have hummingbirds in Oz. Honey eaters are similar though.
    Hope you’re getting better sleeps….



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