Day 8 – Warner springs.

May 1st
Miles 94.5 to 109.5 (so far: went to 114)

I slept, a lot.
I snored a lot.
I dreamed of hummingbirds reading my email, I dreamed about socks.

I needed sleep badly and figured out that if I hang me feet over my bag at night it is easier to sleep because my feet don’t touch anything which means I am not constantly jarred by pain, lol.



We had added the miles to make the trip in here today easier, it did. Walked the seven into barrel springs passing mile 100, at the springs there was water constantly coming up from the earth,  it still needs to be filtered but tasted fine.


Then to eagle rock and through these picture perfect fields with cows, one little jersey cow would not get out of my way and stood firm, I walked around it after chastising it about manners. Another I saw later which was by itself, I asked it if the other cows were mean to it, it ran away.


Got into Warner springs community center and showered and did my laundry (yes at the same time) ate a hamburger while my clothes dried on the fence of a t ball field, kids walking by looking at my socks. I had some issues with my phone charging and right now my battery is too low to take pictures. I am sitting on a lawn chair here, need to get water as we are heading out. Want to make time towards Idyllwild where I am going to take my second zero, or, a day I don’t hike. It is about 60 miles away, i have five days of food and the water report is good for the way.

I was not able to change my mobile plan from here, the wifi is strange. Might be a few days.

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