Day 9 – desert hiking, trail angel Mikes

May 2nd
Miles 114 to 127 (ended at 134.2)

Yesterday as I was wrapping up typing the entry and hit send then Refills ran up saying “rattle! .. rattle! I got us a ride!” He mentioned something about how his German accent helps to get rides as I am stuffing my stuff into my bag.
We got a ride back to the PO in Warner springs and then hiked about another five up to a ridge and cowboy camped. Got up early today and hiked first to lost valley spring and then here to trail angel Mike’s. 
On the way there was a seriously ultralight couple in great sun gear passed me up, the guy looked vaguely familiar but when you are worried that you don’t have enough water and are hiking in the heat then you are a bit not on point for that stuff.
Got in here to Mike’s (which is awesome) to wait out the heat, they do food and all, Cushy was getting everyone an ice cream cone as they come in.
The couple was here but I was getting water and chatting with other hikers. I now notice who it is, Scott Jurek, probably the most famous ultra distance runner on the planet, I end up chatting with him about hiking and long distance hiking.

It went something like this:
Me: “wait, are you Scott Jurek?”
Him: “yes.”
Me: hobbles over and sticks out grubby paw “wow, it is an honor! Are you running the PCT?”
Him: “not b in this heat”
Me: thinking I am talking to the guy who has the Badwater 100 record,  a race through death valley, just said it was too hot. “Awesome,  what kind of milage are you doing?”
Him: “25 to 30, like you guys. Are you hiking to Canada? ”
Me: “yes”
Him: “that is awesome,  I am envious of you guys, that is the way to travel.”
Me: jaw drops,  mention something about Facebook and his book then they take off.

Him and his wife were leaving otherwise I would have loved to talk gear, my phone was charging or I would have tried to get a pic. Not every day you meet one of your hero’s in a random trail angel house in the middle of the desert. The moral here is you need to get out and do things and meet people. He was like a myth to me I had only read about. Now I have got to hang out.


Taking off here around 5 pm to try to do another eight tonight, cowboy up and then have an easy hike into Idyllwild where I have a zero (a full day off the trail to recuperate) which I need bad.

Some pictures and video from trail angel Mike’s.




More later.

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