Day 12 – not cheating

There is a closure on the PCT right around Idyllwild which is about 25 miles of trail. Some people are skipping it, saying that that part of the trail is closed and there is nothing to be done. The other camp is saying that you should detour to have a proper hike, and that because a detour was provided at kickoff if you skip you are kind of cheating.

I am of both minds here.

I would not be okay with saying I hiked the PCT but than have that nagging voice of “well, I skipped a bit in this one section” and then making excuses to myself about it and have that hanging over my head.

So, I road walked a big chunk of it today after hitchhiking back to spot I left and am camping in a campground outside of Idyllwild now. The road walk hurt a bit because I am still not healed properly,  my pace needs to be slowed for about a week or so and I should be fine.

In theory.

I took some video I will see about uploading. Road walking sucks, it is boring and dangerous. You can’t use your poles because they just feel … wrong touching concrete or pavement. And it is hard, the sides are all meant to shed water so are angled all wrong, basically just not walking friendly.


Pic from the road walk past the mountain fire burn.

There is a rumor we will get rain tonight. Hikers are always rumor mills, they are getting all these bits and scraps of info and have nothing to do but talk about these things. So and so is off the trail because of… Section X has a secret beer cache! Etc. Like on the show Burn Notice what was said about spies I change for hikers, “hikers are a bunch of bitchy little girls” (said nice of such a lovable bunch of pure folks).


Hikers are pure folks, and honest as the day is long. I will do some highlights on individual hikers as I meet them and get them to agree. I also want to do some special posts on hikers in general, like hiker terminology,  humor, etc.


Had some issues uploading the video, even though I have 4G here.

Will see.

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