Day 13 – freezing fog and snow

Woke up at the campground and we hiked the way into Idyllwild, or the outskirts where I got some blueberry pancakes a day plenty of coffee. The waitress warned us that there was snow predicted above 7,000 feet that night. I jokingly say “We’re going to die!”. Note to self: never, ever joke around like that again.
We then make our way to the upper parts of Idyllwild which eventually connect to the PCT,  we jam our way up there, approximately 4,000 feet and hike through freezing fog and finally connect to Saddle Junction and meet up with some people who are not doing the detour but are skipping that section.
We hike up San Jacinto and are basically near the top when the freezing fog starts turning to some snow, I decide I want off the mountain because I don’t trust my tent (this needs it’s own rant post, I am of the mind that my tent is perhaps dangerous in inclement weather and should not be used for the PCT) and lead us astray off the PCT by .7 miles which we have to backtrack and are now set to be staying at 9,000 feet for a winter storm.


All night the snow slowly comes down and the winds gust and blow my stupid tent all over. I basically get no sleep and manage to stay warm by having most of my clothes on, then in my sleeping bag putting my feet inside my pack and covering my bag with my raincoat. With this, if you kind of curled up I could sleep in bits here and there.


Though, the morning was very pretty.




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