Day 14 – down down San Jacinto

May 7th
Miles 181 to 201.2

Woke in the frozen morning. Had a long slog through a frozen forest to the ridge trail. Had to move slow because everything was slippery. Finally made it to a minor fork of the San Jacinto river which was a small stream, half frozen dripping perfect water over icicles into my Gatorade bottles.


After a time found a sunny patch and dried out stuff, amazing how a snow storm will make everything wet.
Met up with a whole group of Germans, four guys from Sweeden who I taught how to properly brown bag beer in Idyllwild.
We  finally made it down the mountain, passed the 200 mile posy, made it to a campground and all of us pitched here. About five miles to water in the morning.



Long day, I am I  my tent with breezeway open and my feet up on my bag, it helps with the heel pain you end up with after a few days on the trail.

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