Day 15 – windy hike to Ziggy and the Bear

May 8th
Miles 201.1 to 216.7 with six hour break

Long morning hike down to the water faucet at the base of the Mt. Jacinto downward spiral. The trail down from yesterday and today both feel like someone had a 20 yard length of ribbon (the trail) and where given a wall with many randomly placed hooks (rocks) for the  ribbon to rest on and told to use ALL the ribbon but make sure to make it to the bottom. What this means is that sometimes on the way down the trail actually goes up, it is frustrating and seems pointlessly looping around, but turning around after being done, you appreciate it. The bad part is that this is the worst maintained part of the trail I have experienced.


Then after another five miles through wind and sand, under the interstate 10 there is the I-10 Oasis trail magic. It was a welcome sight. Here are some pics.






Now I have made it to Ziggy and the Bear and am charging my devices.

Next stop, Big Bear.

Been having good luck with signal around here so, all is good.

left from Ziggy and the Bear and felt good, I took off ahead of Refills and blasted down the path and was full of caffeine and ate up the trail, I took on a huge rise That I did not want to do in the morning. Little did I realize that it was a saddle and dropped into the San Gorgino wilderness, basically the “gorge” which as the sun was going down was bad.


As the sun set I had to pull out my headlamp and try to navigate these ridge walks to someplace safe to cowboy camp. The wind howled and I kept going from place to place tying to find some shelter from the wind to sleep safely from cliffs.
Finally I found a large depression was high on a ridge, cow patties around and started to bed down.
Then a light shows up and it is Refills, he trekked along and was trying to see where I ended up.
Glad to have a friend show up when you stumble your dumb ass through the night to a cliff howling wirh wind.

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