Day 16 – Along the rivers and creeks

May 9th
Miles:  216.7 to 235.2

Note I updated yesterday’s post.

Woke in a ditch on a cow patty covered ridge off the gorge. The ridges are shaped roughly like sharp teeth which are biting on the main gorge. All night a bull was making noise on a nearby ridge, either one or two over, with the echos it was hard to tell.

Walked along more ridges and down to the river, the trail will be following the river for the rest of the day, got water and moved on.


Stopped at 226.3, Mission creek for a long break. This is a perfect little camp spot for a long break from the scorching sun. Bunch of us here stopping because of the heat in mid day, at this time we need to stop for at least 11 am to 3 pm but preferably 10am to 4pm. Everyone is making lunch and tea and building a little dam to make a small pool to lay down in.


I would guess there are about twenty of us here and another 15 at another nice shady camp up another three miles.
This is the part of the PCT that is super enjoyable and makes it feel like a vacation. It is like a lazy summer day as a kid not in school, nothing  to do but pass away the day making little rock dams in creeks you know will be gone tomorrow.

Some people are laying in the sun, some soaking feet and most are napping and gearing up for a long late hike.

Nice afternoon and best day on the PCT yet!

I will update later on where I end up. I am shooting for another 8 to 10 if possible.

Made it another 9’ish, nice camp with a small trickle of water, but water is important here and everything revolves around water.

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