Day 18 – ten easy to Big Bear

May 11th, mothers day
Miles: 256.1 to 266.0

Last night was cold cold cold. We all, almost, awoke around 3am freezing cold. I guess cowboy camping has some drawbacks.

Getting up this morning I made quick coffee and realized that I had no breakfast or lunch foods (nothing easy to eat while walking) so I went empty tank for a quick ten mile hike. No food and almost no water means my pack weight was close to 15lbs, which is half the normal weight,  I flew the ten miles to the road.

55, a friend from section A who is doing a documentary lives here and came to pick us up and get us to town.

Got to the Big Bear Hostel and this place is great so far. Tomorrow we have an REI run (I want a new tent) and I pick up my resupply. We got checked in and then went for pizza and beer.





Tomorrow is a zero and I do need it. I have my hiker legs now, but my heels still have some pain and I need breaks.

For some reason, even though I have a paid account at WordPress it seems I cannot upload videos, I have taken a ton of great ones with my stickpic and with my glif, it is irritating I can’t seem to get anything to upload. I guess part can be for after the trail, but this is not why I paid for the WordPress upgrade so maybe I should contact them. … hrm


Called my mom for mothers day, tomorrow have a lot to do. 1/10th done already. Crazy…

I have amazing ideas for what I want to do, post trail life, but I feel I need to complete trail life to really realize them.

The freedom here is nice in beautiful and agonizing in ways,  it is palatable in forms I forgot life could be. I am happy in terms I forgot I could be happy.  I am mad I put this off.

I understand what they mean when they say this changes you. I am changed… I am changes. Multiplied.

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