Day 19 – Big Bear Hostel zero

May 12th
Miles: 0

Note: My trail name was unanimously changed to “room service” because I have an obsession with hotels with room service, it just sounds so great on the trail.


This post is just random blathering while I am running around on my zero day, it was written throughout the day in no particular order.

A zero day is a rare treat now. Being used to walking the majority of the day and falling into a sleeping bag exhausted is routine and so going out in a town means 9 pm you are ready to sleep and you still wake at 6 am.

Rolled in to the hostel yesterday deleriously exhausted. On the PCT being exhausted is par for the course, until you are used to it apparently. Billy Goat and other previous hikers told me that it takes three full weeks for the body to adjust to being a thru-hiker, I am approaching that time and I do agree, there is a steep adjustment that your body makes. That said, I finally have my “hiker legs” now and my feet are not far behind. This is a big deal.

Hiker hunger is another thing as well,  basically as you are hiking you end up thinking about food all the time. Strange foods also, like pop tarts, I never eat them but for some reason I had some cravings for them. Watermelon is another I crave while hiking, and apples and sour patch kids and on and on. You want to eat it all, everything.

Over the last few days I noticed my pack was starting to hurt my shoulders, this was odd because my pack had never hurt my shoulders and was not particularly heavy. I finally realized it was because I had lost weight and my hip belt needed to be tightened. Not sure how much I have lost, but I expect I will lose a lot more.

Here today I get to go to REI and hopefully get a new tent. I am not at all happy with my current one and have a whole post planned about how much I want to burn the stupid thing and attempt to shield others from buying it. I will probably just sell it on eBay to try and get something from it instead of actually burning it, but I really do feel like it.

It is a bit odd to be in town, I get a little itchy in towns and want back on the trail.  I have this nagging feeling I need to be walking northward, I know I need the break but I have a time limit and I can’t waste any time.

I guess I have adjusted to trail life.

Big Bear is crazy cold right now, it is supposed to be in the 70 ‘ s b because of a cold front it is in the 40’s and kind of miserable. I am not going to get to check out the town as I would like to and it really does look like a cool place that I would like.


It is sort of funny to watch all the hiker trash limping around the town. We are called hiker trash because it is sort of difficult to tell the difference between a homeless person and a hiker. Both stink and are dirty from not washing, often in ratty clothes, backpacks, and dirt covered shoes etc. It is pretty funny.


We were going to do an REI run, got about ten people piled into a trail angels van and then it would not start. AAA came and then guy said he can only do batteries or a tow. One guy said he was a mechanic at some point and they are going to get a part. Rock Ocean rolled by in his crazy vanagon and has tools. I said screw it i think the starter is blown and this will be an all day thing so am now waiting on a bus to Big Bear city (which is different than Big Bear lake) so I can get my resupply and will just order the tent and have it shipped to me on the trail for the next town. I will deal, the REI is 1.5 hours away and the van has only front seats so any accident on these mountain roads would end up like a blender full of hiker trash.


Got my resupply (six pounds of food), got my laundry done, picked up some camp shoes/flip flops so I can escape my hiking shoes. Bought some heel cups and installed them in my shoes, hopefully they help with the heel pain issues. Got some wet naps. Got the last small sized fuel cannister from Big5 and got some sleep socks (socks only used for sleeping) and now I am getting everything charged up (and G.O.T. downloaded for later watching), I will be out of cell range for a while starting tomorrow. Soon though, I will be closer to LA and will have great service before descending into the mojave for a hot section. I am about halfway done with the desert now and am in section C.

If anyone in LA wants to pick me up and host me for a night that would be awesome as I will literally be 20 miles from Venice on the trail in about ten days or so.

Please note: I type all these on my phone so sometimes there are typos and missing punctuation. Going through some of my older posts I noticed that there are some issues, I will clean them up as i can and then after the trail I will go back through all of them.

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