Day 22 – deep creek to the hot springs to a dam

May 15th
Miles 293.3 to 308.2 then 313.3

Woke early, was a crazy night with the bright moon like a flashlight in your face. Once I woke and thought the sun was coming up the moon was so bright.

Walked about a mile and got lost, a girl I just had met Top Shelf pointed me the right way. Walked along ways through the forests to a bridge over deep creek where we all stocked up on water for a long hot stretch to come. There was mint growing in the rocks all through the creek and I snipped some up high and put in my water bottle for a nice mint water and mixed Gatorade with another liter and left one alone.




Walked a long brutal stretch in the heat. Stopped under a tree and me Ball Hawk and Guage all played the McDonald’s game which is “what are you going to order when you get to McDonald’s?” Because there is a McDonald’s literally just off the trail in thirty miles.

We decided that we needed to just make a break for it and get to the hot springs which was four miles away where we could get fresh water and get into the hot springs. Which apparently the Manson family used to hang out here. This place is a little slice of heaven, there are hot pools all over and nice cool falls. I must come back here.


It really is something and there is a party here tonight but I need to get down trail and get more miles in today. I will make a point to come back to this. It is too good and my feet feel wonderful after being in the water.

A sherrif helicopter flew by low and  the party atmosphere got a bit more and some naked hippies were working on the hot pools, things got loud from town people and then we heard a bottle break.

Pack up and head out time if that is going on.

Walked along steep cliffs to a dam which is not used. It looks as if deep creek was going to be dammed up and then was not. We all came to the overflow and are sleeping on the ground. It echos nice and the sunset was beautiful.



Ate some dinner and time for a sleep.

I choose my cowboy camping spots careful. The guys decided to sleep on the concrete because having a flat spot is a luxury for a hiker. I noticed some tire tracks in the dirt and chose a spot by some bushes.

We all went to sleep,  laughing and talking.  At 1 am I awoke, I heard a motor and voices.

Then I see the headlights, a car is driving on the dirt to the spillway. It is not heading to my friends directly but will need to turn around.

“CAR!!!!”, I yell, but with the wind they cannot hear me.

“Oh crap” I think.

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