Day 23 – “of Coors”

May 16th
Miles 313.3 to 333.9

It is 1 am my friends cannot hear me yelling about getting ran over and my feet are fried,  I cannot run across the rocks to them.

“Think!” I think in my tired haze. 

I sleep with a headlamp on, “I can use the blinking feature!” Which makes it like a strobe light. I flip that on as the car comes back around and it stays on the other side of the spillway.

“Whew” I think as I see no movement from any four of them on the concrete.

“That was close and these guys don’t even wake up…”

Now of course I can’t sleep, I stay awake and then I hear voices, there are people walking down. They sound like a group of teenagers,  just great. They go down and giggle and play with the echo the spillway makes. This makes a ton of noise.

My friends sleep on.

Finally I sort of doze off, the moon like a  film projector pointed at my face and then I hear the coyotes. I hate coyotes.

One time when crossing the desert when in the Navy we stopped to sleep along the road and I was sleeping on the hood of the Jeep and coyotes surrounded it for some reason and one nipped at my shoe, I woke and we flipped on a light and they ran, but that scared the crap out of me. I don’t like coyotes.

Of course I see them, and hear them yapping for quite a while, they were also around where the car came in, then they are gone. They smelled us and left. Smart ones here.

When I woke of course the guys slept through everything. I mention what happened at night but of course they all slept well.


Then we walked around the Mojave river forks dam that is empty, we get water from a nasty river and we walk and walk and we walk.


It is hot, exposed and one thermometer read 105. It sucks. I dive in shade, put flavor in the water so it does not taste like … whatever that was the water tasted like. I mentally make a note to make a tumblr of water sources I drank from on the PCT that would make you cringe.

I have determined my feet swell up when the temperature is over 85 and I hike more than about five miles. The problem here is that I have older beach calluses on my feet which do not swell with my feet. This is a problem and I have had to buy some gold bond stuff to get rid of them.

We get to lake Silverwood, and there we met up with one of the most interesting characters I have met, ever.

I show up, Refills is talking to a guy with a goatee a cowboy hat, a large Coors tattoo on his stomach and another Coors tattoo on his arm. They are trashed already. Then next thing I taking video of the guy taking out a German and two guys from Belgium tubing for the first time in their lives.



I put my feet in the cold water and almost scream as they cool down. I have to go and sit down for and hour.

Later we have them come up and chat and at the end all the hikers got salad, beers, Watermelon and sodas from them. Very generous people. Then at one point I see their older friend, we were referring to him as ‘grandpa’, who owned the boat, teetering over and he wipes out.

“NINE!!!!” I jump up and yell, giving a score for the wipe out, everyone cheers.

Grandpa gets up and is bleeding from his head and knee. Everyone checks on him and he just jumps in the cold water and washes off and is fine.

More hikers show up and get taken out on the boat, it is like watching a TV show.  Super nice but trashed people.  Even down to going to spend time in the bathroom and us hearing spanking sounds coming out for half an hour.


His thing was instead of saying ” of course” you say “of Coors” …

Made my day.


Then we decided to walk further so it would be a short hike to the McDonald’s which is off the trail in the morning.

Cowboy camping we stop at a spot, tired I don’t check totally and we have some ants. About to sleep I see a huge bug, I have no term for this kind of bug, literally crawl down by leg.

“What the #! $^ was that!?”

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