Day 25 – blue ridge to Wrightwood

May 18th
Miles: 347.3 to 369.8 (22.5 miles)

Woke early, cold and my bag needs to be aired out, I realize this this morning, I have been sweating at night it has been so warm.

“No matter” I think out loud, “today we climb!”

And climb I did. 3,000 feet altitude to 8,500 feet altitude and back down some. I passed many people and had some pass me.


Eventually caught up with 55 and top shelf who were resting near the top and motored up the rest of the way chatting about fires and Silverwood lake bathrooms.

I left them near water and continued on literally through ski lifts, raised like ancient monuments to an unknown summer sport. Or perhaps some kind of ward for spirits of the mountains.

I had a choice to make, get to town quick down the Acorn trail and then ‘v’ out of town and miss six miles of the actual trail but get in early. Or I could do the miles and hitch into Wrightwood to avoid doing off PCT miles I would have to hike back up. Seemed like a plan, do the six.



The six sucked, really, it was infuriating and the trail seemed to meander randomly at times and made sure to not miss a single anthill to climb.

I got down and asked these nice people for a ride and offered money, they didn’t accept money but gave me a ride. These poor people had to keep the windows down, five days in the woods does a ripe man make.

I got into the ‘downtown’, spied an “Asian fusion” place on the way.

Got some hot and sour before we went to pizza.


Pizza and beers were good, but my laundry was being done and I was cold. Went back, got my laundry. A shower had me feeling like new and I stopped to see friends from Belgium and discuss the detour we have I in coming miles.

Made my way back to my cabin and layed down in a bed that was too soft, tried to watch a new movie out from the genre “magical realism” but felt kind of depressed and tired.  I tossed and turned on the fluffy bed and eventually got fitful sleep and dreamed of life in a magical realism world.

When I become an author, that will be my genre I think.

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