Day 29 – to the KOA campground

May 22nd
Miles: 430.6 to 444

Woke before the others and made coffee with hot chocolate and chocolate flavored Carnation instant breakfast.  It was amazing.

Tomorrow I will be at the trail angels in Agua Dulce which is exactly matching my projected schedule for the trip which is unexpected.  If I am on schedule here then later I should be ahead of schedule. We will see.

Hiked out through the Station Fire burn which feels like it will never end.  It is kind of depressing to walk through a tree graveyard for days.  It us like “The Road” where everything is dead and falling over. The fire itself consumed 600 square miles of forest and claimed the lives of two firefighters. There are many many dead trees and the slopes are choked with poisonous plants though there are sections of flowers.



We hiked the the north fork ranger station seven miles past messenger flats. They have cokes here for donation,  paid $2 per. So nice to have sugar. One of the Rangers here has been coming to tall with us. This is pretty far off the beaten track.

The KOA in eight miles has Wifi, laundry, a store and reataurants down the way that deliver Chinese food, Italian food etc. I am excited to get delivery to my tent.

Hiked in, Refill had read that Scott Williamson said the KOA was a dump and refused to stay. A storm started rolling in and I know better than to go out in one so stayed, I tried to warn the guys who wanted to leave.  Refill and another dude went on and did some miles.

“idiots!!!” I exclaim.

“30% chance of rain and any thru-hiker knows to grab his rain jacket,  we had 50%” … I grumble.

The camp manager gave us the lodge to sleep in because of the storm.  I ordered a pizza,  some beers and got my laundry done and got a shower. All done padding around in my camp shoes (flip flops) and umbrella,  chatting up the locals.  A storm will always bring people together. Meanwhile the storm raged outside, another expected tonight. I am so so glad I know my weather patterns in the west coast and did not follow my hiking partner.

Nice to have a roof over my head for a night and dry and clean clothes for the morning.

And beer.. blue moon in the bottle.


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