Day 30 – to the Saufley’s

May 23rd
Miles: 444 to 454.5

Woke at 5:30 am and got out early and hiked with Ray, whose trail name is now Juneau. We walked through crazy fog with crows sitting on the top of yucca stalks caw cawing at us while strange frog songs echoed in the fog like oboes played under a bed. We blazed to Vasquez rocks super fast, 30mph easy pace.


Met up with Refills and Guage there and continued on the last couple miles.


We got into the Saufley’s just in time for an REI run, I got my new tent, new shoes and some superfeet insoles.

Got back and tested out my new tent, packed up my old one and mailed it from here. Then we got on bikes to get pizza.



Back at the Saufley’s I am in dire need of a rest day tomorrow to recharge and heal my feet. This place is called hiker haven, it really lives up to the name.


I will take tomorrow to do a full post about here and the absolute wonder that is this place.

Meanwhile,  I am going to chill and get a good night sleep.

Lots of hummingbirds here.


Sat up late around a fire, 20 of us drinking beer because tomorrow us a rest (zero) day, everyone talking, everyone laughing. Old and young, foreign and domestic. 

Life is good.

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