Day 32 – minor injury, will see

May 25th
Miles: 454.5 to 462.5

On one of the bikes coming back from dinner I was in flip flops and hit a rock with my toe.


Going to see how it is and clean it up. I may need to take an extra day.


Agua Dulce is a small small town with a grocery store, several restaurants and a hardware store.  They are super PCT hiker friendly.

I cleaned my foot, got Neosporin in it and felt better.  I watched Goodfellas, Deliverance and Taxi Driver in the hut to keep off my feet.

Finally we decided to go, it was hot as hell. We all hugged Donna Saufley and thanked her for being so amazing and took photos.  Then we all piled into a large van and went to get pizza before hitting the trail. This allowed it to cool down considerably.  Saw some other hikers who were too late getting there when they reached the 50 limit.  Felt bad they missed it.




We hiked through into the dark until ten and stopped to pitch tents and sleep. We got a very late start out so made few miles.

It is good to be back on trail and using the new tent.

2 thoughts on “Day 32 – minor injury, will see

  1. Brad Cole

    Wondering what type of tent you got at REI and what was the issue with your tarp tent (I have a Gossamer Tarp tent). I’m getting a lot out of following your journey; Ill be class of 2015-ten months and counting :0). I live in Washington State and trail angel at Steven’s Pass. I hike sobo from Stevens 5 Miles south to Lake Josephine and wait for thru hikers. I bring goodies; usually apple muffins from my favorite bakery, and I hike back with them then give them a ride down to the Densmores in Baring. By the time you guys get here, you have lots of stories to tell. Anyway, have a great journey and maybe I’ll see you up on Stevens Pass in September!



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