Day 33 – to the Andersons

May 26th
Miles:  462.5 to 478.6

Woke early, ants on the tent. I am really glad I did not cowboy camp and my tent was easy to set up.

We walked through the heat,  intense heat stopping several times to cool down, and then finally to the Oasis water cache which has beer and soda and plenty of water. We all sat here and waited out the heat.



Basically we sat here for a long time. The heat was oppressive today and nobody wanted to leave.

Finally everyone started to get ready and then another lull waiting for possible drop in heat.

Alas, time to move.

After what seemed like forever I get to the road and everyone piles into a van and off we go to Casa De Luna,  the Andersons,  trail angels where everyone claps as we come in, we are put in Hawaiian shirts and fed taco salad.  It is good with beers.

Then setting up camp in the woods behind their place. Cowboy camping it is tonight.

I am going to be early,  I am wary with my damaged toe and worried about my ankle as well as my new shoes.

Hopefully I can sleep in a bit tomorrow.

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