Day 35 – the face of the sun

May 28th
Miles: 517.8 to 534.9

Woke with roosters bellowing, birds blasting and dogs barking. A hiker town morning.


Ate breakfast and watched people leave. One of my cohorts was sick and thinking of staying at hiker town to rest up. After some time Waffles decided to come with us even though he was feeling (and looked) like hell. We gathered our things and moved out.




We got down the aqueduct and the heat hit us, it was brutal. I have been hiking more with the main group as Refills has been wanting to do more miles at different times. The main hiking group we have been keeping pace with is Waffles and Brian from Belgium,  Mike from Sweden And Giggles from Portland Oregon. Hopefully we catch up with Free Refill at Kennedy Meadows as I know he is not going to Tehachapi.

Waffles stopped short and sat down, we didn’t notice until later and stopped to wait.  He caught up and because we all were in full break mode he went on. He mentioned finding shade and laying down.

We hiked on further and the aqueduct turned to being closed and we stopped for lunch at the only real shade we could find. It was blistering hot as I tried to string up my ground cloth for shade.



As we were leaving the German film crew doing the documentary on the PCT came up to film us half dead in the heat and offered us Cliff bars, we passed. We all wished they had soda’s.

Continuing on we ran across a private “ranch”  which had a bunker and shade. We took a break and left all as we found it.


We got to the wind mills at the aqueduct end and waited for waffles,  and waited.  We kept asking everyone where he was and nobody had seen him.

“I am starting to get worried” Brian was saying as we waited and looked at the bullet holes in everything that could possibly have bullet holes in it.

“Maybe a car picked him up and took him to the hospital?” I say.

We keep asking everyone that comes along. The following day we find out there is a trail rumor of missing hikers from Belgium.

Finally we see him come along after we set up camp in a leeward side of a hill. (Careful camping in a wind farm). He had climbed under a tree with his fever and passed out for four hours and we walked past him.

We sleep well knowing our friends are okay, under the giant windmills as they turn and turn forever.

2 thoughts on “Day 35 – the face of the sun

  1. Donna DeGan

    Why is it called “hiker town”? Scott Williamson said it’s the only hiker town on the PCT, and I was wondering what makes it different from the other towns along the trail.


  2. Donna DeGan

    Never mind, I figured it out. It’s called a hiker town because that’s just what it is. LOL. I googled hiker town and found out that it’s just a place to rest, get water, etc. The pictures of the buildings are neat. It’s kind of an interesting story how the guy who owns the property bought it to store some of his cars and the first year he had it twenty hikers showed up looking for water. I guess he was really surprised because he didn’t know that the PCT hikers were used to stopping there.



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