Day 36 – the trail to Tehachapi.

May 29th
Miles: 534.9 to 551.3

Woke early having slept well under the giant windmills. They are huge, perhaps 15 stories tall, maybe higher, with red blinking lights on them for aircraft or something. I have slept soundly every night since getting my new tent, it really makes all the difference.


We walk up out of the Mojave valley which felt like the face of the sun the day before and run across a PCT trail crew, we all thank them, they are making this possible.

We get to a stream seven miles up and mid – day everyone stops to rest under a tree we find. I have a good time comparing us to a baboon troop under trees in Africa. The differences we do this same behavior are not large in reality and are for the same reasons.



Today we have another water cache in eight miles from this spot and then we get to highway 58 and hitch to Tehachapi.  We chose that over Mojave just for ease of getting in and out and that we don’t have anyone picking up a package in Mojave at the hotel there. Technically we should be doing resupply but we all have too much food so mostly just picking up snacks and drink mixes.

I am a day behind my schedule at this point because of various reasons,  mostly waiting on friends to catch up. Hopefully we can pick up some time soon, though we are all done with the desert and are craving the Sierra.


We all hiked to the next water cache up a very serious climb and Larry the cache owner came by we helped carry water down and played with his dogs.

Finally we hiked up to about seven miles from the road overlooking the wind farm below, the road is where we will hitch into Tehachapi. We all sat up eating dinner and laughing. I laugh a lot with this group, it is good.

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