Day 37 – Tehachapi

May 30th
Miles: 551.7 to 558.7

Woke up with other hikers passing right by my tent looking in. Lazy boy was first, then the Australian couple, then Wilbur and Shady and BallHawk and then some people I didn’t recognize which is becoming increasingly rare.

Walking the trail down was awesome through the wind mills.  They are as far as you can see and 12 stories tall, there were workers cleaning the blades.


We got down to the highway and hitched in to downtown Tehachapi. A nice lady had stopped and picked up three of us and got us to the burger spot cafe in downtown. I ate a burger, coke, fries and then a “giant” shake which probably had 2,000 calories in its 32 ounces. It was so good I just destroyed it all.


Now we are in the best western plus in a room for six. Decent room, no room service but a nice pool and jacuzzi, laundry and the room is nice.

I will take some pics after I charge my phone.

After being on the trail taking a good shower the dirt seems to take forever to come off. You stand there and dirt keeps coming off and you are unsure from where it is coming from, it is crazy.

We all take turns showering,  it is awesome. Everyone is excited about being clean and not stinking. Leaving the room to get a drink from the hall the room smells horrible from us. Cleanliness is a chore for hikers and we are all almost ready.


We also have a birthday today, Giggles is 23.

Time for pool and hot tub then more food and some drinks.


Town stops are amazing.

Ended up going to sushi for dinner and then we all went out to a bar for Giggles birthday.

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