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Day 67 – zero in Yosemite

June 29th
Miles: 0

Woke up in Yosemite with some JMT hikers outside my ten chatting about stuff I was telling them the night before about water and gear. Was funny.

Went to get coffee and check if the Internet worked at Curry Village.  It did, of sorts, the uploads were so bad it torched two posts in WordPress.  I have figured out that if the wifi is crap then it messes with the WordPress app and I can lose posts. I will start making copies of posts before trying on iffy wifi. Typing these on my phone throughout the day is not really reproducible after the fact, it loses all the immediacy of the original.

Went to the main Yosemite village to find real wifi. It costs, but honestly after the aggravating experience with the other it became worth it.

Got a sandwich at a deli for food some juice and now need to go buy some groceries for the four day hike to Bridgeport where we will be for July 4th.

Tomorrow I need to deal with my bounce bucket in Tuolumne Meadows. I think I will bounce it forward to South Lake Tahoe.

Not sure what we are doing today, a zero means no hiking and I need to let my feet and ankles heal so I am not doing any big hikes today. Think I will be drinking lots of milkshakes and having some beers.

A down day is good. And I love it here in Yosemite.

Day 66 – Yosemite

June 28th
Miles: 926.6 to 942.5

Woke by the stream at 5:30 and hiked over Donahue pass there was some mi or snow and some marmots giving me the evil eye for being up so early.

Found the guys, they were just waking up and we hiked the rest of the way to Tuolumne Meadows, passing day hikers in jeans after we got closer.

We got there and got hamburgers and ice cream and promptly missed the last bus to Yosemite Valley so we decided to hitch.

We were not having much luck until this awesome girl stopped with a mini van thing and chatted us up for the majority of the trip down to Yosemite about her travels and anthropology, frogs and all kinds of stuff. Amazing woman, I am impressed and I am hard to impress. (Told her about this blog, hope she checks it out).

She dropped us off close and then we were quickly picked up by self proclaimed ‘single’ Alex from Shanghai who was a genuine horrible driver and we thought we might die.

Got in and got food.

We decided that restaurants in national parks need an “emergency” line for thru-hikers.

Found the backpacker camping spot and got our tents situated.

The wifi in Curry Village is straight up retarded. Nobody could get connected. It trashed two posts of mine here on WordPress (including this one)

Not always sure how I feel about Yosemite, on one hand it is weird seeing people in city fashions walking around and roads all over. On the other hand it is great to see the kids out here being introduced to nature instead of being put in front of an xbox or television.

We are here during a very very busy time though so it is a bit … ‘Disneyland of nature’ happening which is jarring for everyone after having the outdoors so much to ourselves for so long.

Almost feels like a city in the woods.

After this we have it all back though for a long long while … 1700 miles.

Day 65 – revenge of the JMT

June 27th
Miles: ended at PCT mile 926.6

Got up and fell behind the guys.

Made it to a fork and a sign was there and showed the JMT going left and right and there was another trail going forward and up. There were confusing scribbles in pen on the sign as well. I went left and got about 100 yards in and thought “I should go back and double check”.

Then two hikers in their 20 ‘ s came by from the direction I was going.

“Is this the John Muir Trail?” I ask.

“Yes, this is the John Muir Trail. ” They reply.

I mention the confusing sign back before and thank them.

Of course it was wrong, it was a different trail and I ended up two miles up before I realized it.

It was pretty though.

By the time I got back I was four miles behind. I ended up camping before Donahue pass nwxt to a waterfall and the guys camped after the pass.

I was beat, my feet were on fire.

I slept well with the white noise of the waterfall all night.

Day 64 – leaving Mammoth in the rain

June 26th
Miles: 906.7 to

It is raining here in Mammoth.

None of us has our rain gear. Luckily I have purchased trash compactor bags (strong) for our packs and got myself a waterproof phone protection case.

We are packing up the hotel room. More later.

Did seven miles in, swapped to the JMT for this part and got in and set up for a cold night. Lots of condensation on the tents in the morning.

Day 63 – zero in Mammoth

June 25th
Miles: 0

Zero days are sweet.  Got some new items and we all got food for the 2.5 day hike to Tuolumne Meadows.  We can bring fruits and such and maybe all went overboard.

Stopped at a coffee shop here and got a smoothie and used their good internet.

Then watched a lot of TV and played some games on my phone.

Down time day, didn’t really go out, ordered in pizza and watched The Green Mile.

Realizing my feet are a bit messed up, need to be taking better care of them. They are cracked and cut in some places. Outside of my hiking shoes they are in pain.

Only two days then another zero in Yosemite with and all you can eat buffet.

Day 62 – Mammoth Lakes

June 24th
Miles: 896.0 to 906.7

Woke and charged down the path, past some of the prettiest sections of forest I have seen.

We rill into Reds Meadow and get food and drinks and let a few buses go by as we eat. Finally we get on one and then transfer to another which then means transfer to one more and end up at the Motel 6 with crappy Internet which somehow messed up a couple of my posts.

Pizza, food, beers and a lot of sleep. We were wiped out.