Day 38 – back to the nature

May 31st
Miles: 558.7 to 567.8

Woke at seven feeling like I could use another town day but knowing we have to get back to the trail. 

Laundry and food is the first thing on the docket and then getting out of the hotel room and resupply, then back to the trail to do the final push to Kennedy Meadows, the gateway to the Sierra and where everything changes.

We all are excited to not have to carry tons of water all the time and at the thought of going to Mt Whitney, we are dreading the huge food carry and the need to carry a bear cannister.

We went to Albertsons for resupply,  loaded up on water,  went to Del Taco for lunch and then got a ride with a trail angel named Jane who fit the five of us in her car somehow.


Getting back to the trail after a town stop is a bit rough,  nobody really wanted to get going.  But once started it was great as we went through the second largest wind farm in the world.




I got to playing around with my camera some and did some gig animations also.



The light faded quickly so we set up came near the 58 freeway,  I can hear cars and trucks going by.

It is sort of like the ocean, I should sleep well.

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