Day 39 – climbs in heat

June 1st
Miles: 567.8 to 583.3

All night the highway buzzed and every thirty minutes a train went by draped in echoing thunder. I also strangely heard cows last night but on further inspection this morning I have no idea where they could have been.

We started today at the point that the author of the book “Wild” started. We all kind of were like.

“This is a horrible place to start!” I said.

“She only made it a short ways, camped,  then went off trail for three days.” Says Waffles. “Then she skipped the Sierra because of snow” He adds.

We all ponder this and hike on.


Today is hot and after a climb we stop for “siesta” which was a five hour stop for lunch and sleep. Our late start this morning put us into painful heat and needing way more water than normal.

We almost all ran out of water, just two of us five had water left as we just made it to the spring as the sun set.

I will take pictures in the morning, our tent setup is kind of funny.


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