Day 40 – as the desert winds down

June 2nd
Miles: 583.3 to 602.3

Woke up early, had been up late laughing as Michael from Sweden kept finding spiders in his tent and then ants first thing in the morning. Went down to the water and came face to face with cows who live there.



Very glad I filter this water good. The spring here needs to fixed pretty badly, the cistern is cracked and we are forced to get water from a small drip coming down the hill.

Then time to hike. We went through a burn, then back in the forest after 12 miles by 11am we climb through a fence to get under some shade trees.


After a nap we hike high into the hills another eight miles to the next spring. Finally some cool pine forests with lush undergrowth.


Finally we reach the “Robin bird spring” which is our campsite tonight and water source and tomorrow. This one also shows signs of cow activity but is flowing much better.

We also passed mile 600 which is big!


At this point some if my friends are starting to have gear issues.  Things like stuff sacks breaking and water filters failing,  which is bad as a lot of people get sick in this and the next section (F and G).

Night has fallen,  I sleep.

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