Day 42 – end of the desert

June 4th
Miles: 624.3 to 643.8

Footsteps passing my tent woke me, then the sun angled into my eyes and it was time to wake.

“Last day of the desert!” We exclaimed excitedly.

The marker is a climb after the cache at mile 630. We packed up in the expert way we can now. A thru-hiker has the ability to explode their pack everywhere in a second and the ability to pack it all back up just as quick.

When hiking with European folks kilometers is also a thing.


We hike across the ridges and get to the 630 mile cache. It is full, which is not what we had heard. The cache had probably 60 gallons of water. We did the ‘camel up’ which means drink at least a liter at the cache and fill your water and move on.

The climb up was tough but now we are strong and can just motor up with hardly a thought. Then we find a mid – day siesta spot. It will be odd later to not have to siesta.

We turned and all looked back at the desert,  glad it is over.



So from now we need to make it another nine miles to water and sleep. Then in the morning nine miles to Walker pass, also good water and then a chance to hitch to Onyx for snacks and beers.

It will be weird seeing lots of day hikers on the trail. We are going to look like rabid dogs to them I would think. Though maybe the chance to yogi some food or soda from them will be good.

To “yogi” food is a reference to yogi bear cartoon where yogi spends all his time trying to get food from campers in ‘Jellystone’ park. So for a thru-hiker it is the same. They ask you things like “how many miles are you doing per day?” You reply “usually 20 or 25 but I am doing 30 ‘ s now because I am out of food.” They will offer some food, you turn them down the first time and then accept. There are of course many variants of this, and subtly trying to get a coke or a beer is an art form.  Luckily thru-hiker’s are like rock stars of the hiking world, so more than not it is offered first.

This reminds me that I need to do a post about food.

So, the water we were supposed to go to was dry, nobody bothered to check the water report. Dry camping tonight, no cooking diner. Snickers it is.

So … great, I have a little less than a liter to go to Walker pass tomorrow morning.

Made it all the way through the desert without a water issue and the first day out we screw it up.

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