Day 45 – Kennedy Meadows

June 7th
Miles: 681 to 702.4 + side miles

We got up like kids for Christmas,  it was cold and strange in the campground we were at.  In the middle of the night I ran out of water and freaked out after eating some M&M’s and woke up Giggles to get half a liter, it was 12:15am, I felt dumb having a water freak out. Water may be an issue for a while,  at least mentally. I don’t know what to think of this.

I am filthy.


Later today I bathe in a river.


We finally get a view of the Sierra.


I have hiked 700 miles.  I have beat the desert.  I am now at Kennedy meadows for a zero day and I reap the rewards.

Walking into Kennedy Meadows you have thirty people clapping in time for your arrival.  This is something we do for all hikers coming in over the next couple days. It feels great after you have walked through the desert, the heat, the pain.


I am so tired in my tent I could scream.

Will upload tomorrow. If I can.

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