Day 46 – zero in Kennedy Meadows

June 8th
Miles: 0

Slept oddly,  was awake early but slept in knowing the store would not be open until 8 am or so.

If giggles does not wake, we pile in or use an air horn.


Got breakfast for $10 and then picked up my packages.  I don’t know what I was thinking. Some things I am happy to get and others I want to go back and smack myself. For instance I need my large Anker battery and not the little one I sent. I sent way too much food and the kinds of food I sent are too heavy.


I am really happy about the fishing pole and the sleeping bag liner,  also the new clothes are perfect. As is this Nemo astro air mattress, my sleep has been not good, this helps.

All day I wanted to go through things but we all just needed a rest and sat on the deck of the store eating all day. Burgers,  ice cream, lasagna,  salad,  chips, eggs etc.  We also had many beers,  which is good for stress relief as the desert had been trying and we have no Internet here, no phone service either. I feel very cut off from the world.

Tomorrow we will hike out and have a couple days to get fully into the Sierra, though the longest water haul will be only ten miles, which for us now is amusing. I switch to a Steri-pen as well, the weight and bulk savings are mandatory. I am a bit concerned that I have so many gear changes as I was really good with what I had and was comfortable with all my gear.

After the store closed everyone stick around and finished beers and found adult diapers in the hiker box.


You can guess what ended up happening.



Obviously we all needed a rest day.

Tomorrow I get the pack done and worked out. I will take pictures,  this is going to be really different and a lot of work.

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