Day 48 – into the Sierra

June 10th
Miles: 704.8 to 721.8

This morning I spent an hour trying to wake up Waffles and Giggles so have decided that I don’t do that anymore. From now on, I wake and go, I get irritated with people apparently not taking things seriously, especially something like this. I know they do, but even “apparently not” will make me wonder.

My pack is overloaded, a lot. By far the most overloaded it has been. It is bugging my leg and left ankle, and shoulders.

Still, even in pain I walked into the most beautiful valley I have seen in ages. It stopped me in my tracks.



We did siesta at a bridge over the Kern river which the underside of was covered in swallows nests. I took a video which I will upload later.

Hiking further on we got to the point of camping and have a ton of people here, ten in total, including me.  (Bugs, Cheeseburger, Cracker Jack, Coaster, landslide,  stampede, gingersnap, giggles, waffles). For a trail camp away from town this is a lot.


Tomorrow should be better, I am eating tons of my food so it will be lighter.

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