Day 49 – enter the high Sierra

June 11th
Miles: 721.8 to 738.3

There was a bird that got lost in the dark and cried for five hours last night.  At first I felt bad but then after I could not sleep I was hoping some predator would find it and end the cries.

Great hike today, in spite of the weight.




Hiked to 10,500 ft today from 9,000 and then back down to Death Canyon creek where we are all doing siesta/lunch.

The water was a bit funky but worked out. A small sprinkle came by and reminded everyone that we should now be keeping our rain gear handy.


Went on further and Waffles needed water because he had difficulty at the last one scooping it up.  We stopped at a junction and went to get water from a spring in a meadow,  which was a problem because cows use the meadow — extensively. We found some that was passable but kept it separately for boiling for dinner and, the now nightly, hot chocolate we all make each night.


Passed a great view of Owens valley, was pretty amazing. Also went through some crazy rock formations.


Got into camp early and trying to sleep.  Expect the others will show soon, Bugs, Waffles and I seem to be the early crowd. Early to wake (bugs) and early to sleep (both).

Tomorrow we siesta at Chicken spring lake, the first alpine lake on the PCT where I can use my pole and catch some trout.

I am excited about fishing.

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