Day 50 – high lakes, long hikes

June 12th
Miles: 738.3 to 760.0 (almost 22)

Hiked to Chicken spring lake, took a long time to do 12 miles in this elevation.  Was worth it.


No fish though,  it is a spring fed lake and zero fish, Coaster and I both tried all over the shore, him with flies and me with lures,  still fun.

The hike in was awesome, so many amazing trees I could have taken a picture ever twenty steps.




I also ran into a mule-train on my way here.



I stopped and chatted with them, and they pointed me in the right direction and mentioned they wished more people would get back to nature in the way thru-hikers do. I, sometimes, am still shocked that people think this is special, what we are doing.  It all seems so normal to me now, I mean,  why would you not do this if you can?



It is beautiful up here.
We hiked on into the dusk,  getting beautiful water from a stream shrouded in dark.  Then on to a campsite doing nearly 22 miles, which for this elevation (11,000+ ft) is amazing. Though, we all are in amazing shape now, it is something to behold, for instance when I move my legs now the muscles are like molten metal reforming, 50 days of 12 hours of hiking each will do that. We can climb any hill or range with ease, we are truly hikers now.

On the way here we entered the Sequoia and Kings canyon park area at mile 754.


I realized I look like a walking clothesline so I showed it off.


At altitude things dry slower,  in the desert these socks would have dried in a second, here I have them hanging inside my tent now so my body heat will dry them overnight (yes that actually works).

Tomorrow I climb the highest peak in the contiguous United States,  Mt. Whitney.

What are you doing tomorrow?

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