Day 52 – Forester pass

June 14th
Miles: 766.9 to  786.3
Side miles to get back to PCT: 1

Freezing night at Crabtree Meadows, it was the coldest so far.  I woke many times just because I rolled over and some part of me got cold.

We packed it up and bailed.  We did catch the stories of those who went up Whitney after us and stayed on the top.  One guy was cowboy camping up there,  wedged in some rocks, the irony here is that his trail name is  ‘wisdom’. Another guy went up with just some water and stayed,  am sure the stories will be good.

Today was Forester pass day, the highest point on the PCT.



We jammed out the miles hiked up it and then dealt with a ton of snow fields on the other side. We were post holing all over, post holing is when you are walking across the snow field minding your own business and your foot decides to go deep,  really deep.  It sucks bad and in between snow fields we kept losing the trail.


But coming down into the valley was worth it.  I am camped near a waterfall on deep woods, far down in the valley in the pictures below.




Tomorrow we go to Lone Pine. It has been far too long without contact from the outside world.

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