Day 54 – Lone Pine

June 16th
Miles: 0

A well needed zero. We are all exhausted from so many climbs. My body is blasted from constant climbing, I feel like a sherpa.

Today is about food and rest, and some resupply at the store here. I need to entirely rethink my food, sugar and drink mix plan.  Food weight is a major issue and it all needs to be rethought.

McDonald’s for breakfast sounds horrid most of the time unless you are in srvere calorie deficiency and craving milk shakes and anything with calories.
For my new “lighter” food I ended up picking up some bagels and bread with jam and some easy cheese, ramen, pasta sides, some candy/snacks, easy mac, pop tarts for breakfast and lots and lots of drink mixes (lemon, pineapple,  margarita,  tea, etc). Drink mixes are mandatory so you can have different flavors, though the high Sierra water tastes better than any bottled water I have had, like you can look up about 500 feet at the snow and literally see where the water is coming from.

Had dinner tonight at ‘Merry go round’ chinese restaurant here in Lone Pine and it was wonderful, I have missed hot and sour soup.

Now we are sitting in the hotel watching Resident Evil. Tomorrow is a long climb back to the trail over Kearsarge pass.

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