Day 55 – back to the trail over Kearsarge

June 17th
Miles: 8 (PCT 0)

I woke in the hotel room early and decided to go to the coffee shop and get food and coffee and watch a movie on my phone. It does not bug me to watch a movie on my phone,  I put on headphones and can enjoy the movie well. I have adjusted to using my phone as my sole computer. The Note3 is a good phone, and when done I think I will be getting a Samsung TV so I can do screen mirroring from it.

Had a few last chores to do like run stuff to the hiker box at the hostel, clean some of the junk from the hotel room and pack up to get going.  I also had to get new tips for my hiking poles, it was a pain because you have to hammer them off,  a nice girl helped me out and I managed to get them changed out.

Then to hitch or of Lone Pine,  we had trouble getting a ride and tried for an hour before someone came and took us to the trailhead.

We hiked up the pass easy,  it was odd,  I was dreading the climb over Kearsarge today and we did it easy,  I was not even tired when I got to the top.


We hiked along and it was getting late so we choose a spot very near to rejoining the PCT because there is another pass in three miles from here.


It is cold,  we all just jumped into our tents early to try to be warm. And to think it was 91 degrees in Lone Pine this afternoon, was 60 at the trailhead and freezing here. 

Gotta love elevation.

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