Day 57 – high passes

June 19th
Mikes: 802.8 to 819.5

Woke late,  8:30! Had a night full of many dreams and good sleep. It was welcomed after my somewhat lack of sleep recently.


Hiked over Pinchot pass and we took a lunch siesta on a bluff over a lake at 808.5 where I decided to lay out some of the drink mixes I carry to explain that.

First the hot ones.


Though the breakfast essentials I do cold (I double them up and make a shake). Sometimes I do them with coffee or mix with hot chocolate also, they are handy. The Starbucks via packages have made coffee while hiking enjoyable, I really enjoy them,. I will also carry a resealable bottle of “Le Lecha sweetened condensed milk” to add to it, which gives me coffee with cream and sugar, I also use that if I bring grape nuts.

And the cold ones


Normally there would be Gatorade powder there but stores along the PCT run out of that fast and Kool Aide the powder stains stuff. Zuko is amazing, that stuff is perfect hiker juice and really tastes like real juice, it blew me away, buy it. The crystal light works great and is sized perfectly. The margarita flavor one makes two liters,  and is nice, they make a daiquiri one also. (Note: missing the ‘real lemonade’ one because I drank it)

Back to hiking.

Mather pass sucked, easy going up on the south side but the descent on the north was treacherous and I lost the trail and post holed and almost fell into some rocks.  Not fun, though that is the last dangerous one, apparently. Hopefully.

I am camping about 2 miles down fro where this picture was taken. (Waffles hiking in the pic).


Nice to be in camp, after hiking up two passes I am beat. Pasta side,  some hot cocoa and the day is all good.

Tomorrow we camp before Muir pass. Just a few days to Mammoth Lakes.

The Sierra is fun but exhausting.

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