Day 65 – revenge of the JMT

June 27th
Miles: ended at PCT mile 926.6

Got up and fell behind the guys.

Made it to a fork and a sign was there and showed the JMT going left and right and there was another trail going forward and up. There were confusing scribbles in pen on the sign as well. I went left and got about 100 yards in and thought “I should go back and double check”.

Then two hikers in their 20 ‘ s came by from the direction I was going.

“Is this the John Muir Trail?” I ask.

“Yes, this is the John Muir Trail. ” They reply.

I mention the confusing sign back before and thank them.

Of course it was wrong, it was a different trail and I ended up two miles up before I realized it.

It was pretty though.

By the time I got back I was four miles behind. I ended up camping before Donahue pass nwxt to a waterfall and the guys camped after the pass.

I was beat, my feet were on fire.

I slept well with the white noise of the waterfall all night.

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