Day 67 – zero in Yosemite

June 29th
Miles: 0

Woke up in Yosemite with some JMT hikers outside my ten chatting about stuff I was telling them the night before about water and gear. Was funny.

Went to get coffee and check if the Internet worked at Curry Village.  It did, of sorts, the uploads were so bad it torched two posts in WordPress.  I have figured out that if the wifi is crap then it messes with the WordPress app and I can lose posts. I will start making copies of posts before trying on iffy wifi. Typing these on my phone throughout the day is not really reproducible after the fact, it loses all the immediacy of the original.

Went to the main Yosemite village to find real wifi. It costs, but honestly after the aggravating experience with the other it became worth it.

Got a sandwich at a deli for food some juice and now need to go buy some groceries for the four day hike to Bridgeport where we will be for July 4th.

Tomorrow I need to deal with my bounce bucket in Tuolumne Meadows. I think I will bounce it forward to South Lake Tahoe.

Not sure what we are doing today, a zero means no hiking and I need to let my feet and ankles heal so I am not doing any big hikes today. Think I will be drinking lots of milkshakes and having some beers.

A down day is good. And I love it here in Yosemite.

3 thoughts on “Day 67 – zero in Yosemite

  1. John Amorosano (Can't Hike 55)

    What’s up Room Service?? It’s Can’t Hike 55! Happy to see you made it through the JMT. Wish I could have done it with you guys!! Tell everyone who knows me hello. Hopefully I’ll see ya again out on the trail. Have great walk, stay frosty!!


  2. Vincent

    Room Service,
    I’m one of the two noob guys that talked w/you the night before about gear, water treatment, and prior jobs (we’re still floored about meeting someone from RK). I was the guy whose trash bag of way too much food almost got stolen by a raccoon. Thanks a lot for your tips and advice. And thanks again for helping me out with the Notch. Setup, btw, got pretty easy by day two of our hike. It just took tons of fatigue and arriving at the Merced Lake backpacker’s camp at 9PM to get my camp setup efficient. We finished the Clark Range loop from Sun-Fri and miss Yosemite’s open space and beauty a lot.
    Enjoy your life out there! Hope the trail treats you and your cohorts well.



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