Day 70 – more passes and slow climbs

July 2nd
Miles: 976.1 to 994.7

Woke to coyotes having some.major fight in the hills surrounding our camp. Hiked down to where Mike should have been but he was further on.

Needed water so we stopped at a stream next to a large rock wall and I used it as a back scratcher, the mosquitoes know where to bite.

Having lunch at a nice creek area at 982.7.


Have discovered that if you see little swarms of the blue dragonflies it is safe to stop, the mosquitoes avoid them. Good stuff to know.

Finally got near 20 for the day, exhausted from the constant climbing and descent we had to find a spot so it is not perfect, has lots of ants, but it is good enough for tonight.

Tomorrow is the last full day of carrying the bear cannister.  It will be so nice to mail that away, 3.5 lbs lighter, we are all going to buy canned whipped cream for the section after so we will have whipped cream on our cocoa at dinner.

This stuff excites hikers, well, really anything to do with food does. I am usually excited by my new food choices when I leave a town, new drink mixes,  trying the wax bag fruit pies, easy cheese or just a choice of bringing apples.

We hit 1,000 miles tomorrow. 

Guess that is supposed to make me an “experienced” hiker. I guess I sort of am, but still feel like a newb sometimes.
Well, time to read for a while and sleep.

It is only 8pm.

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