Day 73 – after Sonora

July 5th
Miles: 1018.4 to 1024.7

Could not mail out my bear cannister because the post office does not do Saturday hours, carying it to South Lake Tahoe.

Got a ride from a nice lady all the way to the top of the pass. Back to the trail.

Some trail magic happening at the pass campground, catching up stories about the crazy previous evenings in Bridgeport. Everyone here is recouping as the whole town was crazy and they caught a field on fire with their fireworks display and PCT’ers were up dancing the night away.

Had a few too many in the July 4th celebrations and feeling it today, thunk I will be taking it easy in towns for a while. It is expensive and I am thinking, kind of dumb to go out like we have been. I nearly lost my pack in a strange situation I got into, I am very ‘very’ lucky the townsfolk are honest and some people watched my pack.

No pictures, my phone was dead and we could not get a room so charging was difficult.

July 4th in Bridgeport should go down in PCT lore though,  it was pretty crazy.

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