Day 74 – the trail on.

July 6th
Miles:1024.7 to 1040.0

Slept like a rock, needed it.

Hiking with Waffles and his girlfriend who came from Belgium to hike the final 1600 miles of trail with him.

She is worried about slowing us down, but I think it will be fine. It takes a week or so to get into the rhythm of the trail, and it takes your body about three weeks to adjust to daily hiking.

Trying to think of what I need in South Lake Tahoe. I need to remember to get a fuel cannister, I forgot to check mine in Bridgeport and I don’t know if I will make it to Tahoe. I want to find a Radio Shack to get a large USB battery. Need to remember to pick up hot chocolate.  Little things to make trail life good.

Will see how many miles we do today, not sure we will make the needed twenty.

Stopped at 16 miles in (mile 1040), nice camp site near a stream with a really good fire ring. We never make fires, but seeing an established fire ring is good.

It is overcast and I have been trying to charge my phone with snatches of sunlight or diffuse light via my solar panel. Obviously the solar panel worked better in the desert.

Today is one of those days where I think a lot about life outside the trail. I miss my life in Venice, I miss my friends, I miss all the weirdos outside my door, I miss my job even. I didn’t expect to miss things, I assumed I would be too busy hiking, or something.
I also have been thinking about my past, and things that could have gone different with some different choices or different event order. So many things, little things and big things, have led up to me being here, by a creek, in the middle of nowhere thinking about this.

The trail gets you thinking for sure, stuff pops out to the forefront of your mind. Stuff out of your past that you have forgot or you have not thought of in ages. It can be scary, weird, sad, interesting,  or just cause longing. The longing is the worst, it makes you crazy because you are in the middle of the woods and should be walking.

Also I am a little concerned about my hiking group.  We were up to ten at one time and now I worry I need to blaze on forward alone or with Bugs if I can catch up. He should be here but he went ahead it looks like.

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